Our "Why"


The name "SKINNY GOLF" comes from the concept of getting rid of the things that don't matter and providing our customers with truly beneficial equipment for both on and off the course. Also, lets be honest everyone knows its "THIN TO WIN" 

Our "why" is simple:

A company built by golfers for golfers to provide high quality golf accessories. The truth is, accessories are necessary to assist your performance and improve your game. Tees, ball markers, divot tools, groove cleaners, ball alignment tools, scrub brushes, etc. The list goes on and they all have a reason and a benefit. The problem is other companies are trying to solve these solutions as cheaply as possible. Skinny Golf is here to provide ONLY high quality accessories. Accessories you can truly be proud of and flaunt to all of your friends and competitors.

We are constantly innovating new and modern day accessories to put a change and improvement to all of the same old boring accessories that we have all become familiar with.   




Lets admit it! We have all been away from our bag and needed our scrub brush. We have all tried to use a tee to clean the grooves of our clubs and the dirt was just too tough for a traditional tee. Sometimes traditional divot tools are just too bulky. Not all of us have a caddy to keep our equipment clean. The Stixpick is like a caddy in your pocket. No matter where you are on the course, you will always have what you need to fix the green, mark your ball, or clean your "stix". The Stixpick is the first of many products that will be high quality, high benefit.