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the 4 most common used
accessories in golf built in one

This is a golf accessory unlike any other and it can fit in your pocket! The features of the Pocket Caddie are designed for scrubbing your club face, cleaning the grooves of your irons, repairing the pitch marks on the green and marking your ball.

Scrub Brush


Ball Mark


Divot Repair Tool


Groove Cleaner

Pocket Caddie
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The Pocket Caddie is the Ultimate 4-in-1 golf tool designed for every level player.  

•Scrub Brush

•Groove Cleaner

•Divot Repair Tool

•Ball Marker 

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    I’ve tried many divot fixers and this one is superior to them all. Then you add the brush, the groove cleaner and the ability to put any custom ball marker makes this tool the best! 10/1

    Caleb M.

    I’ve tried all different types of divot fixers and this one is superior to them all. The fact that it also has a brush, groove cleaner, and on the new model the magnet area is flat so you can use any custom ball marker just puts this thing over the top! 10/10 would recommend to anyone.

    Jesse G.

    Everything you need in one tool!!!! Very convenient to have something this small and mighty in your pocket. Does everything you need it to do with less in pockets!!

    James W.

    This tool is very easy to use and is easy to keep in your pocket with its small size. Also, the groove cleaning capabilities are the best, nothing better than looking down at and swinging a club with fresh grooves.

    Mike N.

    It’s got everything you need in just one small tool. You can even customize the ball marker which is really cool. Best decision I’ve made in a while!

    Aaron P.

    I purchased this little tool about a month ago and absolutely love it. It’s very well made and worth every penny. Thanks again for a great product!


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